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The Enid Amateur Radio Club (EARC)


The Enid Amateur Radio Club held the July monthly meeting Thursday evening, July 18, 2019, in the

Salvation Army Fellowship Hall, 220 W. Pine Avenue, Enid, OK.

MEMBERS and guests present: MURROW/K5AO, F. CROUCHER/KG5BZR, S.



V. Sanders, Club President, called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m..

Health and Welfare--

V. Sanders asked for Health and Welfare concerns. R. Clinton's wife was to have a heart valve

replacement. K. Robinson has broken his leg and is recovering. O. Haines was having urinary tract

issues and G. Sikes was having heart problems.

Minutes of previous meeting--

• Motion by S. Cotter second by C. Conrady [CARRIED, unanimous] to accept the minutes of the

June meeting as distributed and as posted to the EARC website. (ARCLight-20190620.pdf).

Treasurer’s Report--

Treasurer was read and provided in print.

• Motion by C. Conrady second by C. Sauls [CARRIED, unanimous] to accept the Treasurer’s report.

Old Business--

2019 Field Day, was held Saturday 22 June 2019, at the Crosslin Park Pavilion. Enid's Mayor, Mr.

George Pankonin was there to Proclaim the 22nd as "Enid Amateur Radio Club Day" and provided the

Club with a printed proclamation that is attached to these minutes. Approximately 6 radios were set up

and operated by members. The conditions were minimal and a relatively small number of contacts

were made. William Holloway did have assistance with making a contact and received a GOTA


The 4th of July Celebration at Meadowlake Park Thursday July 4th was supported by S. Scouten and E.

Murphy. A big thanks to these two for their assistance with the annual event.

During the June Club meeting V. Sanders had discussed ways to generate interest in the Club and grow

the club membership. One suggestion was to have volunteers give a 10 minute discussion at Club

meetings on various topics of interest. Membership is asked to consider subjects they could talk about

and bring their suggestions to the August meeting.

New Business--

A discussion on whether the Club would hold Hamfest 2019 was had. This will be an ongoing

discussion and will depend on the Club's ability to have sufficient number of volunteers to work the

event. The event is the first Saturday in November.

Enid Lights Up The Plains will be the 29th of November and will require three to five volunteers to

work the event.

Next Meeting will be August 15th at 7:00p.m.


Motion by M. Loomis seconded by S. Cotter [CARRIED, unanimous] to adjourn at 7:22 p.m..

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