ARES Emergency Book Contents (June 2010)

This is a list of information that will be required for the red Garfield County ARES book each member needs to maintain.
Some of the information can be downloaded from this section of the website and some needs to be obtained directly from the EC.
The information contained herein will be updated as needed.

Items for ARES Emergency Book (no particular order)
1. Garfield County ARES Emergency Phone Tree. (From EC)
2. Garfield County ARES Agency Telephone List.
3. Garfield County ARES Frequency Plan. (From EC)
4. Oklahoma Repeater Database.
5. ITU Phonetics/UTC Conversion.
6. ARES Garfield County Emergency Communications Plan.
7. ARES Oklahoma Section Emergency Communications Plan.
8. Garfield County ARES Message Forms.
9. Garfield County ARES Communications Logs.
10. ARRL Radiogram Forms.

For those members who are participating in the Garfield County Emergency Management Weather Center Ops add these items:

1. Garfield County ARES WX Center SOP. (From EC)
2. Garfield County Emergency Management Severe WX Standard Operating Guidelines. (From EC)