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Garfield County ARES
Activation Status

Updated 2017-1-15
1400 HRS Local Time
Monday All Clear
Tuesday All Clear
Wednesday All Clear
Thursday All Clear
Friday All Clear
Saturday All Clear
Sunday All Clear
Current Status Normal Ops
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ARES Oklahoma
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The Garfield County ARES group will use this chart for status updates on possible activation and will be updated as conditions warrant. GARFCO ARES members should monitor local weather sources or designated amateur frequencies during these days for possible activation.


Mission Statement

The mission of the Garfield County Amateur Radio Emergency Services (GARFCO ARES) is to serve the public by providing emergency Public Service communications in times of need during natural or man-made disasters. We are licensed amateur radio volunteers who dedicate our time, equipment, knowledge, and training for the betterment of public safety and give aid to those in need.

Meeting Times and Place

The GARCO ARES meets the second Thursday of each month at a location TBA. Meetings start at 7pm.

Requirements for Membership

The only requirements to join the GARFCO ARES are to be a licensed amateur radio operator and the willingness to commit to Emergency Communications (EMCOMM). If you are interested in joining, contact The Enid Amateur Radio Club and select "ARES Contacts" in the catagory box.

Requirements to maintain membership:

•Complete the NIMS training courses, ICS-100, 200, 700, and 800 as ordered by Homeland Security Presidential Directive (HSPD)-5 (all federal, state, local, tribal, private sector and non-governmental personnel with a direct role in emergency management and response must be NIMS and ICS trained). within one year of joining. FEMA Independent Study Program

•Check into the bi-weekly GARFCO ARES net on the 145.290 repeater.

•Register as a volunteer with ARES Oklahoma.

•Bring ideas, suggestions, and a positive attitude to each function of the GARFCO ARES.

ARES Contacts

Garfield County ARES Contacts

Office Name Call Phone Email
Assistant Emergency Coordinator TBD W5HTK OOO-000-0000
Volunteer Al Fox KD5BA 580-242-4800
Volunteer Phil Burford K5ECH 580-758-3800  
Volunteer Bill Keck K5ECI 580-233-2496
Volunteer Tim McAnally KD5KTB 580-747-5987
Volunteer Dan Plank KE5PQY 580-541-8464  
Volunteer David P. VonDiellingen AD8B 580-863-2846
Volunteer Bill Wehling KC5OKG 580-233-5022
Volunteer Jeff Worth N5UBY 580-554-7502
Volunteer Mike Cofer KD5OFF 580-554-2749

ARES Emergency Book Contents (June 2010)

This is a list of information that will be required for the red Garfield County ARES book each member needs to maintain.
Some of the information can be downloaded from this section of the website and some needs to be obtained directly from the EC.
The information contained herein will be updated as needed.

Items for ARES Emergency Book (no particular order)
1. Garfield County ARES Emergency Phone Tree. (From EC)
2. Garfield County ARES Agency Telephone List.
3. Garfield County ARES Frequency Plan. (From EC)
4. Oklahoma Repeater Database.
5. ITU Phonetics/UTC Conversion.
6. ARES Garfield County Emergency Communications Plan.
7. ARES Oklahoma Section Emergency Communications Plan.
8. Garfield County ARES Message Forms.
9. Garfield County ARES Communications Logs.
10. ARRL Radiogram Forms.

For those members who are participating in the Garfield County Emergency Management Weather Center Ops add these items:

1. Garfield County ARES WX Center SOP. (From EC)
2. Garfield County Emergency Management Severe WX Standard Operating Guidelines. (From EC)

Emergency Communications Plans

State and Local ARES Emergency Communications Plan.

ARES Manual 2015.pdf2.53 MB
Oklahoma ARES State Emergency Plan.pdf306.13 KB

Gafield County ARES Message Forms/Log Sheets

All GARFCO ARES members need to use this message format and log sheet during any emergency communications event.


Garfield County ARES Agency Telephone List

Non-emergency telephone list of emergency agencies in Garfield County and surrounding area.

Garfield county ARES agency phone list.pdf4.32 KB

Garfield County ARES Net Preamble

GARFCO ARES Net Preamble


ITU Phonetics/UTC Conversion Table

ITU Phonetics and UTC conversion table.

ITU PHONETICS 2008.pdf8.92 KB

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